Jump Start My Blog

Many friends of mine have their own blogs. It's pretty cool to share your thoughts with the world. So I decided to create one for myself. When registering for the domain, it said vincentalfred.wordpress.com has already been used. I looked it up and ... damn I had totally forgotten. It is mine. HAHA.

So many things had happened since my last post. I guess, I was preparing for A Level at that time (I took A Level at 2014). Higher 2 (H2) Level Art was one of my subjects, and I dreamed of becoming an animator or a visual designer. But now, I am studying Computer Engineering at Binus University. Maybe, in the future, I will write about my journey transitioning from arts to engineering.

In this "new" blog, I am going to write about my projects and my interests, and maybe share my artworks if I start drawing again.

I am reposting this (previously posted on my Wordpress) as Blogger gives me a more customizable and versatile blogging experience. Also because I just bought a domain from Google, Blogger allows more seamless integration.


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