Final Year Project (FYP)

This is the story of my Final Year Project (FYP). The goal of this blog post is to share our thought process, get feedback from the readers and hopefully inspire many of you. Introduction I'm a final year computer engineering student. As final year students, we are required to produce a capstone project. I am taking this opportunity to brush up my skills and improve my resume .  Idea Together with my FYP-mate, Chandra , we are going to make hardware access control system. Most likely, our project is going to be implemented in our university's Hardware Lab. We are going to design system that: Controls who is able to use hardware (power tools i.e. drill press, grinder, etc.). For instance, only students who have gone through training for a particular hardware will be granted the access. Allows the lab to get usage data which may assist in hardware maintenance and/or upgrade. The system consists of two main components: a controller device for each hardware and

LeetCode 42 - Trapping Rain Water

Sometimes, I like to write my own editorial for (algorithm) problems I solved. I write it on my CP Log (Competitive Programming Log — it is just a google docs file where I dump interesting problems I found and my thoughts). If you are doing competitive programming or preparing for technical interview, you should try writing your own editorial for problems you solved. Penning down your ideas and thoughts helps you consolidate your knowledge and trains you to communicate your ideas more effectively. So, in this blog post I am going to talk about LeetCode problem 42 — Trapping Rain Water. You can access the problem here: Problem Statement Your are given the elevation of some terrain and asked to compute the amount of water trapped after raining. The elevation is given as an array of non-negative integers. The amount of water is calculated in number of blocks. The problem does not specify the size of the given array. So, w

Jump Start My Blog

Many friends of mine have their own blogs. It's pretty cool to share your thoughts with the world. So I decided to create one for myself. When registering for the domain, it said has already been used. I looked it up and ... damn I had totally forgotten. It is mine. HAHA. So many things had happened since my last post . I guess, I was preparing for A Level at that time (I took A Level at 2014). Higher 2 (H2) Level Art was one of my subjects, and I dreamed of becoming an animator or a visual designer. But now, I am studying Computer Engineering at Binus University. Maybe, in the future, I will write about my journey transitioning from arts to engineering. In this "new" blog, I am going to write about my projects and my interests, and maybe share my artworks if I start drawing again. I am reposting this (previously posted on  my Wordpress ) as Blogger gives me a more customizable and versatile blogging experience. Also because I just bough